Radio Interviews

I have been invited on several radio stations to discuss various nutrition related issues. Some of these have been recorded and can be downloaded from clicking on the highlighted links below.

* Dietary Guidlines and the Healthy Eating Pyramid (2MFM)

* Dietary Prevention of Cancer (2MFM)

* Diet and Cardiovascular Disease (2MFM)

* Nutrition for Pregnancy (2MFM)

* Nutrition through lactation and early childhood (2MFM)

* Nutritional needs of the elderly (Part 1) (2MFM)

* Nutritional needs of the elderly (Part 2) (2MFM)

* Nutritional needs of the elderly (Part 3) (2MFM)

* Food poisoning (2MFM)

* Obesity and weight loss methods (2MFM)

* Dietary Supplements & Nutritional Nonsense (4BC)

* Supplements and Weight Loss Scams in Pharmacies (4OUR)

* Nutrition Seminars (SWRFM)

* Weight loss products (4BC)

* Family Fun Day & Childrens Nutrition (SWRFM)

* Diet Myths (SWRFM)

* Nutrition News (SWRFM)

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