Magazine Articles

Money Down the Toilet: A critical look at the need (or not) for nutritional supplements. (Published in The Skeptic, Volume 26 No 1 – Autumn 2006)

A Critical Look at the Effects of Cocoa on Human Health (Published in PabulumIssue 64; 2006)

Drink Up: Childrens Fluid Requirements (Published in Playgroup NSW’s Totline magazine)

Ask your pharmacist? (Published in The Skeptic , Volume 27 No 2 – Winter 2007)

Newspaper Articles

Plenty of food for thought. Blacktown Sun (15/8/06)

An apple a fortnight. Parramatta Sun (16/8/06)

Eating for life. Blacktown Advocate (30/8/06)

Feeding them fun The Western Weekender: Blacktown City Guardian (10/11/06)

Fast food not off the hook Blacktown Advocate (21/3/06)

* What you eat today walks and talks tomorow Blacktown Advocate (03/07/07)

* Diabetes rate on the rise Blacktown Advocate (17/7/07)

The following have been pubished in the online journalInformation 2 Pharmacists

Newspaper Column (“Adams Apple”)

I write a fortnightly column in both the Blacktown Sun and the Parramatta Sun newspapers. Click here to read more.

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