Stuart is no longer associated with the nutra-smart.net website however we are keeping his bio on this page to give credit to him for the work he has done. The current owners of the website are Zachary and Allegra Crotty.

As a long distance runner, my initial interest in nutrition was in regards to athletic performance, though I soon became interested in learning how dietary quality could influence health and longevity. After reading through dozens of nutrition books, and hundreds of web sites often with conflicting messages, I eventually decided that the best way to cut through the nutritional nonsense was to become a nutritionist. I completed a B.App.Sc (Nutrition & Food) degree at the University of Western Sydney, and currently run a private nutritional counselling clinic in the Western Sydney area.

I have also worked in pharmacies, as a consultant for a weight loss patient support program, as well as in the nutrition & dietetics department of one of Sydney’s largest hospitals. I regularly give lectures for various private and community functions, I have been invited to speak about various nutrition related topics on television and several different radio programs, and have contributed nutrition articles for several different publications including a regular column in 2 Sydney newspapers. I currently sit on the Nutrition Australia NSW committee and am often involved in their community based health promotion activities.

One of my major interests is functional food research and how dietary habits affect our life expectancy and long term quality of life – especially after working with geriatrics and palliative care (usually cancer) patients.

Having previously been a victim of the dietary supplement industry hype-driven confusion and having witnessed all manner of nutritional nonsense being promoted by food companies, supplement companies, multilevel marketing schemes as well as supplement retailers – my other major area of interest is the accuracy of information the public receives in regards to nutritional supplements as well as weight loss methods. This lead me to write a book called ‘Healthy Weight Loss –> Healthy LifeThe essential guide to long-term healthy weight loss for Australian adults

The purpose of this web site is to provide like minded health conscious people with reliable information on these topics. I am always open to new suggestions and constructive criticism, and would appreciate readers feedback. You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have, though given that I am busy working on a masters degree at the moment.

– Stuart Adams

Technical Editors and Scientific Advisors

Before each page is published, I run it by a team of editors and advisors to check. Some of them include:

* Terry Evans, B.App.Sc (Food Science & Technology)

* Stephen Cheng, B.Sc (Hons) MBA

* C.B. Tan, B.Sc (Psychology)

There are a few others who help out here though they are either too shy to let me list them or have a public profile and thus do not want to be subject to criticism that this site may receive.

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