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There's a lot of nonsense out there when it comes to nutrition, ranging from harmless myths and silly fads, to deliberately deceptive hype and or fear mongering. It may take a while for me to finish all these articles so they may not all be available at present. If you would like to suggest a new topic for this part of the website, please contact me.

Diet Myths

Vitamin C and the common cold

Eggs - miracle or menace?

Do we lose nutrients through processing, freezing and cooking?

Butter vs Margarine - does margarine cause blindness?

Acne and diet - is there a link?

Fear Mongering

Artificial Sweeteners - are they harmful?

Water Fluoridation - is it safe and effective?

Soy Safety - is soy the root of all evil?

Colours and Preservatives - are they causing ADHD?

Silly Fads

Detoxing - there's no such thing

Bottled Water - is it any better?

Juicing - is there any benefit?

Weight Loss - Fads & Fallacies

Tips for budding weight loss scamsters

Weight Loss Supplements Don't Work

VLCD's & meal replacement shakes

Low Carb Diets and Ketosis

Deliberate Deception

Money Down the Toilet - do we really need supplements?

Ask Your Pharmacist? No thanks! (part 1) - complementary medicines in the pharmacy

Ask your pharmacist? No thanks! (part 2) - weight loss in the pharmacy (including meal replacements)

Is Natural Better? - deliberate deception by food and supplement companies

Dead Doctors Don't Lie - a critical look at Dr Joel Wallach and Youngevity Australia

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Scams (including Goji Juice, Noni Juice, Glyconutrients, Colloidal Minerals and more)


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