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Nutrition for Health and Longevity: How to give yourself the best possible odds of living a full, healthy life by avoiding common causes of death such as cardiovascular disease and cancer . Read More..... .

Top 10 Nutra-Smart Foods: A list of the top 10 food groups shown to maximize longevity by preventing heart disease and cancer. Read More..... .

The Nutra-Smart Diet: Consisting of the Top 10 Foods, the Nutra-Smart diet is designed to maximize the potential for long life and good health. Read More...

Long Term, Healthy Weight Loss: Almost 2/3 of the population are overweight or obese, many spending considerable amounts of money on things that do little or no good. Read More..... .

Nutritional Nonsense: There's a lot of nutritional nonsense out there in the media and on the internet, as well as that being pushed by food and supplement companies. Read More..... .

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Below is a list of links that I would recommend. Obviously I have not read through every part of these websites, so I may not neccesarily agree with everything on them. They are not arranged in any particular order. If you know of a website which should be added, let me know.

Health & Nutrition Information

Better Health Channel

National Health and Medical Research Council

Healthy Eating Club

Depart of Social and Health Services, DSHS

Health Insite

Go For Your Life

USDA - My Pyramid

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

American Heart Association

American Medical Association

American Nutrition Association

Nutrition Facts

US Department of Agriculture

Consumer Advocacy and Healthfraud Information

Healthy Skepticism

Glenn Cardwells eBook

Information to Pharmacists

The Green Light (list of reliable links)

Consumer Advocacy and Healthfraud Information


National Council Against Health Fraud


Diet Scam Watch

Skeptics Dictionary



















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